30 Days of Self Discovery

This is my 30 day challenge: Take time out to do what I love, make positive changes, be challenged, grow and rediscover myself.

Health in a (possibly) not so health-conscious country…

I really should write something about my eating and exercise habits since arriving in this country. In short, any good habits I developed are now non-existent. A month back, I had … Continue reading

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The History of Sisters.

I went to visit an old part of the city the other day. It included a crumbling fort, ruined buildings and the feel of what the city would’ve been like … Continue reading

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Travel Envy.

It’s interesting all the travellers I meet in my new home. I think I meet more here than I ever did before, but maybe I actually pay attention nowadays. They’re … Continue reading

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The Secret Expat Club

I seem to have joined the Secret Expat Club – secret because you don’t know it exists until you’re in it. Membership comes when stepping foot abroad. Payment is included … Continue reading

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What? Why do you wake up this way? Like the lights have switched on, but they’re casting a dusty grey as if it’s Kansas city and you’re Dorothy without a … Continue reading

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The Man Outside My Window.

I woke up today to find a man looking in the window. This can be a freakish event. At least where I come from. It turned out to be window … Continue reading

September 8, 2014 · 4 Comments

Re-learning Independence.

I’ve recently uprooted to a foreign country and it’s been an interesting time. I’m outside of my comfort zone daily and it shows me how much I take for granted. … Continue reading

September 4, 2014 · 4 Comments

The Art of Controlling Other People.

1. Don’t.  

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How to Drive Yourself Nuts in a Foreign Country.

1. Confine yourself to your room/condo/apartment/wherever you’re staying. 2. Don’t talk to strangers. 3. Live on Facebook/Social Media. 4. Don’t learn the language. 5. Don’t try anything that looks different. … Continue reading

August 18, 2014 · 5 Comments

Compassion – is it learnt?

I wonder if compassion is something your parents teach, or if you learn it at school, or if it’s a part of the culture you grow up in? I went … Continue reading

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