30 Days of Self Discovery

This is my 30 day challenge: Take time out to do what I love, make positive changes, be challenged, grow and rediscover myself.

Unremarkable Bones

I’m told by my radiologist report that my bones are unremarkable and that there’s nothing special about my internals. Ouch. Why can’t radiologists be more ego friendly? I’d like to think I’m pretty inside after all.

Maybe they should change their terms to something like, “bones look normal, healthy, properly shaped,” and “internals look natural, well-made, the way they should be.” All of a sudden I’m feeling pretty good about my sick self.

Talking about sickness, what started out as the flu here, quickly turned into bronchitis and apparently we’re going down the line of asthma. That’s a surprise for someone who has no history of it. The thing is though, that I’ve been breathing clean air all my life, so moving to this city with congested and polluted air has meant my lungs are in need of time to adapt (and probably build several layers of filters – if there’s such a thing).

So there you have it. Moving abroad isn’t all sunshine and rainbows dusted across new horizons and unexplored worlds. It’s adaptation, pain, facing the unknown and learning the hard way that things aren’t always what they seem – think Aliens if you really must think of something out of this world. Those pod things? Not your friends, as curious as you may be to stick your face close to them.


On the positive side, I got to test out the medical facilities by getting a chest x-ray. It involved three people telling me how to pose and then getting heavy padded “shields” strapped around me that left me feeling like a horse. Why is this positive? Well it’s the closest thing to modelling I’ll get these days. Shiny lights, hold position, keep your arm here and your shoulder’s back. Click. Thanks, next pose.

That being said, I guess the last thing you want to hear is that you’re unremarkable, even if it’s in places no one else will see.


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