30 Days of Self Discovery

This is my 30 day challenge: Take time out to do what I love, make positive changes, be challenged, grow and rediscover myself.

The Lonely Trek Abroad

antarcticWhen you’re out here on your own, it’s easy to think you’re not important anymore. There’s this sense of isolation. The people you know move on with their lives, continue to do what they do and it seems almost like you never existed.

Friends and family are still friends and family, but all of a sudden it’s like you’re on two different planets and you need to wait for a proper window before a communication link can be formed. You have two minutes and then you go dark.

People are so far away and sure, video chat makes it almost more real, but sharing an experience with someone, being there with them, with all five senses engaged, that’s what makes it meaningful.

You can see them. You can smell them. You can touch them. You can hear them. You can taste the coffee you both bought while you’re sitting there chatting.


Yet, now, you’re having coffee with someone else and so are they. You’re sharing all these experiences with new people. Different faces. Unique places.

You encounter problems, but by the time you get to tell them, it’s gone. You’ve worked it out. You see things that blow your mind, but they’ve never seen it before. They don’t understand. You want to call them when something is up, but the time difference is glaringly obvious; they’re four hours into sleep and you’re still off-centre trying to decide which way is up and which way is left.

Still, you miss them. You wonder if they miss you too, or if somewhere in their busy lives they’ve completely forgotten your existence. Is it possible?

So you continue on the trek you’ve chosen, believing one day you’ll cross paths again, whilst hoping when that day comes, you still have a place.



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