30 Days of Self Discovery

This is my 30 day challenge: Take time out to do what I love, make positive changes, be challenged, grow and rediscover myself.

NaNoWriMo – National November Writing Month


I’m starting to doubt any writer doesn’t know what NaNoWriMo (NaNo for short) is. Everywhere I go, writers are gearing up for a month of heart rending and hair ripping; where late nights and early mornings are required and your body undergoes some form of coffee and chocolate induced torture that most likely leads to a room of addicts calling themselves Bob.

Why a writer would put themselves under such duress is beyond me – or is it?

NaNo happens during the month of November – kinda like Movember, but for writers, where a writer commits to writing a novel – 50,000 words for the month (which is a bit short for a novel, but targets need to be realistic and first drafts are okay!).

It’s the draw of the challenge that probably gets people going. Does everyone finish? I’m not sure, but the first step is to commit to it. It’s not always about winning or losing, sometimes it’s just about showing up.

This is my first year joining and I’m getting caught up in the NaNo Fever. I’ve got the banners and the widgets going, poked around the forums and read the prep tips. I’ve even organised my writing space and gotten my husband behind me with imaginary cheerleading pom poms and all. I doubt he’d be doing any chants and flips though. Maybe I should hire a cat and dog travelling troupe. Does Cirque Du Soleil train animals for shows?

The next thing I need is to stock up on chocolate. Any excuse will do eh?

I imagine these things seem silly since they don’t put words on a page, but somehow the little things help and breaking life down into chunks makes a difference and everything seems a little less overwhelming. It’s a lot easier to write 5,000 words than 50,000 words after all. It’s also simpler to think, “I’m going to write today,” than to think “I’m going to write every day for the whole month.” – daunting.

So for NaNo, I’m not going to fret. I’m going to take each day at a time. What can I do today?

I can type one letter at a time and form a word. I can put a few words together to form a sentence. I can string some sentences together and create a paragraph. I can…

If that fails then…

I can touch my toes.

At least if I don’t get anything done, I’ll be pretty good at touch my toes. Not everyone can, you know 🙂


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