30 Days of Self Discovery

This is my 30 day challenge: Take time out to do what I love, make positive changes, be challenged, grow and rediscover myself.

Catching Public Transport…bugs…

Feeling adventurous, I ventured out on my first commute utilising the public transport offerings – the ones with long travel times and queues and being crammed in tight with your thigh kissing the thigh of a stranger and then managing somehow to squeeze in one extra bottom on a seat that might really be some other person’s leg.

I managed to go to places I wouldn’t be able to get to on my own and see new places as well as experience what locals go through daily. It was also a cheap mode of travel money wise, but not so cheap if you consider time as a resource.

During the bus ride home, nature decided to call and that’s when I realised there was no getting off this bus for another hour. Lucky for me the bus stopped for gas, so I rushed off while the bus filled up and managed to leap back on with the sound of the bus driver honking his horn to say he was leaving me there. Done and dusted in two minutes flat. It was embarrassing being the only passenger who needed a personal break, but imagine my smile of relief when we ended up in another hour of traffic on top of the original hour. So worth it.

It was late when I finally got home and I couldn’t wait to get to bed. Sleep would top off a fun day. Instead, I spent the next twenty-four hours between the bed and the toilet seat. It seemed a stomach bug had hitched a ride home with me. I guess when millions of people hold the same handrails as you and share the seats and breathe the recycled air, you’re bound to come home with something no matter how much you wash your hands.

Note to self: When taking public transport, antiseptic or alcoholic washes/wipes are your best friends.



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